Mad Libs – A Lesson for Life

In honor of Mad Libs and in the memory of its founder, Leonard B. Stern, who died this week at the age of 88 years, I write this in the true Mad Libs form. I will fill in the blanks with my words. You may choose your own words to fill in the blanks.

Mad Libs (noun) is like life (noun). The skeleton is (verb) there and it is up to you (pronoun) to add color (noun), action (noun) and variety (noun).

You (pronoun) can decide whether you will have a beautiful (adjective) day (noun) or a yucky (adjective) day (noun). Will you (pronoun) gracefully (adverb) meet (verb) your struggles (plural noun) or will you fall (verb) short? While many (adjective) people (plural noun) feel (verb) that they do not have control (noun) of their own life (noun). They feel (verb) powerless (adjective) in their attempts. Over (preposition) time, they lose (verb) confidence and day (noun) after day (noun) their self-esteem (noun) is lost (adjective).

What can be done (adjective) to ensure (transitive verb) you (pronoun) control (verb) your life (noun)? Feel (verb) good (adjective) about (preposition) yourself. You should exercise (noun) at least five (number) times a week and get enough rest (noun); seven (number) hours (plural noun) a night. Eat (verb) a proper (adjective) diet (noun). Try to laugh (verb) every (adjective) day and find (verb) love (noun). With those steps (plural noun), you can be on the road (prepositional phrase) to a great (adjective) life.

Composing that Mad Lib was not easy, and neither is life. Some struggle with major issues; how do I protect my children from bullies, where will I come up with the money to pay those medical bills, how come I can’t find a job? Some have minor problems; how do I get my child from Point A to Point B this week when I am so busy? And sometimes we just have annoyances; I need more time in my day to get things complete.

No matter where we fit in, whether we have struggles, problems or annoyances, all of these things, or any combination of the three, we must remember that what you have, the person next to us has. Their problems may be multiplied exponentially. So when we think about how disconnected that person is, or maybe rude, or moody, it may be that they feel at a loss. Kindness begets kindness, Maybe if we show kindness and caring, it will make the person feel better if they are having a bad day or it may make you feel better.

In the end, try to do something nice for yourself every day. It may be reading a book, snuggling with your child (ren), spouse or loved one, taking a long bath, laughing, or crying. Every morning, I make a nice BIG latte and it helps start my day on a good note. Today my latte was Toasted Marshmallow Pumpkin. It was very nice on this blustery, rainy day.

Remember that you have more control than you think. You have the chance to choose the adjectives and adverbs for your life. Try to make them positive and uplifting, not words or thoughts that are downgrading and negative to you and those that you effect.

Take control. Remember those days when you played Mad Libs and laughed and laughed and laughed because of the words you chose.


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