I am the quintessential example of “Jack of all Trades, master of none.”  I was a very successful recruiter for the Girl Scouts, recruiting both girls and adults to the Girl Scout program in SW Iowa. After starting a family, I became a village clerk for a small town near my housing development. I was able to make many improvements to the office management before leaving the position to move with my family to Spain.

After moving back from Spain I became a full-time housewife/mom. In not having a 9-5 job, I have been able to hone in on being a good cook/baker, quilting, gardening, being a homeschool mom for 6 years, directing young children and teens in vocal music; teaching them to love music and teaching a handchime choir. I also have fairly good organizational skills and have become the volunteer manager for the Girl Scouts in my area, a Girl Scout leader, a Cub Scout leader. I just became a certified lay servant which means that I will take a bigger role as a United Methodist in my church.

My dream growing up was to be the best investigative reporter that ever came out of the University of South Dakota (or any university) but before I got to college, Watergate happened and all of a sudden, the market was filled with news reporters. But even 40 years after I decided I wanted to be a reporter, the drive to write is still in me. I don’t know if it is a fear of rejection, but I have never gone further than newsletters or newspaper articles. That elusive novel has not yet entered my masterful mind.

So having my hand in so much, I am yet not known for just one thing. Because I am involved in so much, I think that people out there do not consider me a master of everything…a pretty great cook/baker, but people don’t usually consider me for special dinners. While I am told I have a lovely singing voice, I am not called to sing at special events. (I did sing the National Anthem at the Washington County republican Convention and I think all were surprised how well I did) And the list can go on.

Having just turned 50, I am looking forward to this part of my life and having that chance to be seen as a master at something.


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